Fedele Sky Sapphire Pendant

RM 228.00

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Make an eye-catching effect and add a touch of sparkle with this nature-inspired pendant. The Fedele Sky Sapphire Pendant features a pear-shaped Vinstella Sky Sapphire Gemstone, decorated with two shimmering curvy branches inspired by the morning glory flower with dewdrops. A representation of faith and hope. A pendant that promotes calmness and relaxation that brings a future full of possibilities to you.

Product Description:
Material of the Pendant : 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium-plated and Vinstella Sky Sapphire Gemstone
Size of Vinstella Sky Sapphire Gemstone : 7mm x 10mm
Number of Vinstella Quartz Diamond : 22 pcs
Dimension of Pendant : 10mm x 25mm
Thickness of Pendant : 5.5mm

Material of Chain : 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium-plated
Length of Necklace : 16 inch
Each pendant comes with a FREE 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium-plated necklace chain.